Protected: The Voices of Children

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The Case for Sharing Parenting

How can we help this little girl avoid years of anguish and angst over missing her father and grandparents? This child loves both of her parents – we will refer to her as “Ellie” in sharing her story. Why is Ellie’s story important to us? She is under siege in our Cobb County court system… Continue reading The Case for Sharing Parenting

When the Victim becomes the Accused

Freedom is becoming reality for Paige as she begins to heal from the trauma of domestic violence and incarceration. Help us help her with medical and physical therapy needs, with transportation – and to staying the course for reunification with her child. Thank you for your support for her release on March 5, 2021!

Justice for Prosper

It’s time for Prosper Ortega and her son Ari to be given back their life together. This is our mission. We know that domestic violence leaves horrible scars, and many of us know that playing fair in child custody cases doesn’t happen very often. In Prosper’s case, where domestic violence and custody litigation have merged,… Continue reading Justice for Prosper