Our mission is to reduce the impact on children and parents of family conflict.

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The Problem:

When family conflict arises from domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, or from mental health disorders, and the conflict takes the family into the court system, children and parents are often harmed in ways we cannot fathom. Stability, health, peace of mind, the ability to perform in school and at work, homes, and jobs are all put at risk, and in many cases completely lost. In certain cases, children are left in harm’s way due to a lack of oversight and lack of access to the proper support and treatment. We can make a difference – right now – for children who are crying out for help and intervention. Will you join us?

The Solution:

By providing educational support, coaching, unique tools, and exceptional professional resources, we can improve outcomes, helping families and children heal faster.

To learn more about our mission and about what is needed to reduce trauma and restore children to safe environments, please submit the form below.

We do have specific expenses that need to be covered as quickly as possible to save the children we have identified as needing to be rescued from unsafe situations, including where the children are desperate and engaging in self-harm. If you would like to designate funds to specifically help these children right now, please check the box on the form below.

Thank you for taking the time to learn, and for supporting the mission in any way you can!