Navigating Justice - PEACE OF MIND FOR FAMILY

The time has come when your loved one will now be released from serving their time of incarceration.  You know that their time in jail or prison has not been easy for them.  Or You. 

You have wandered aimlessly over the past several months or years doing the best you can to handle the stress of supporting them and yourself financially and emotionally because you did not know Navigating Justice has the support you need.  You are exhausted, weary and finally seeking help and support because you do not know what the next step needs to be.

Our Navigators have been waiting for you.  You do not need to continue this journey all alone.  Our re-entry programs provide the support and community that both you and your loved one needs during this time of your justice journey.  Our Navigators will line up services for your loved one to provide the smoothest re-entry possible with housing, transportation, community, training, treatment and so much more.  Our Navigators and our programs will help you heal from the heartache, trauma and loss while your loved one has been incarcerated.  Are you ready for a fresh start?  Are you ready for new beginnings?  Contact us today so that we can support you and your loved one as we build a better after care community and complete your justice journey by Navigating Justice together.

Support is available with Navigating Justice to help families when a loved one comes home from jail.

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