It’s Your Turn!

It’s time!

It’s been a blessing just reading everyone’s posts and going through the week as part of a dynamic group. Filled to the gills and overflowing, that is how I feel reading about everyone’s lives, work, hopes and fears, the challenges and the DRIVE to overcome them!

I’m in Atlanta – 53 – a mom to twins who are in their freshman year of college. Divorced in 2008, I learned that not all lawyers add value or are even loyal to their own clients (leading to devastating results), so as this problem smacked me in the face, I decided that I had to do what I could to solve the problem and protect other parents and kids in the process.

I’m named after Deborah, a mother in Israel, because God told my mother to give me this name. I learned this when I asked my mom why she named me Deborah, complaining after being picked on in school. I still remember sitting on her lap, crying, but wanting to understand and to believe that God had a reason for choosing this name.

Decades later, when my mom started reading my blog, seeing on social media what I was up to – challenging injustice that harms parents and children – she reminded me about my name, saying that God never makes a mistake.

So, yes, I know my purpose and have for a while, and I have also been a huge risk-taker when it comes to serving and sticking to the Plan that I know God has for me, what is coming out of the hard experiences. Tears are streaming down my face as I write this, because I know it’s finally my turn to achieve – in a bigger way – what I was called to do.

After realizing that I was betrayed by my own lawyers in my 2006-2008 divorce case, where I was led to believe I was losing my children – but allowed to buy them back for millions of dollars (best money ever spent!), I decided to figure out the “what & how” of their actions so I could prevent similar trauma and loss from befalling others, especially vulnerable mothers like many who have posted here about the fallout of divorce and deceptive partners. I became a disrupter, building a business out of protecting parents and children. My interventions & disruptions garnered news media reports along the way as I called out the bad actors, which made me incredibly unpopular. Yes, I was targeted, retaliated against…so I am starting over after the last 5 years nearly did me in.

I have survived being sued in federal court for “racketeering” by the people engaged in racketeering in the form of child trafficking (they dismissed me as a defendant just before trial, after depleting financial resources and two years of my time). My interview of the trafficked teens is here: … This interview and my radio show put some bad guys at risk, so suing me to discredit me as a child advocate was their best move. Did that stop me? No way. Next, my children and I were separated using similar abusive tactics (they are in college now – we survived, but it was grueling, and I was homeless for nearly three years). Did I keep going? Of course!

At the end of 2020, two teens asked for my help in getting protection from abuse – and to stop my reporting to authorities, I was JAILED for 20 days leading up to the holiday break, forcing me to miss Thanksgiving with my kids and family and causing another major setback for my business (the worst part is the children did not get the protection they asked for – more tears, but this story isn’t over!). What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

I’m now using this opportunity to re-brand and rebuild, a fresh start that I’m grabbing with both hands. I’m working on content for the website and social media, while fighting for a child named Ari and his mother Prosper, growing a funding effort to see them restored to each other. So far, we have a healthy following for our new campaign on Facebook (link here…).

That’s it – me, with all the “messy” going on that Cathy could ask for 😉

The mission:  – – – serving / improving outcomes / protecting mental health, stability and especially the parent-child bonds that are torn apart when no one is looking. This is an active mission, Navigating Justice. My name is Deborah Beacham, and I am so looking forward to seeing what we do together!